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3 Dec

5 little known facts about Barbados

little known facts about Barbados

Barbados has quite a rich history overflowing with compelling stories of which many are unknown and are worthy of adding to your bucket list!

Everyone knows that Barbados is the gem of the Caribbean; everyone knows about the gorgeous beaches and stunning sunsets; but not many persons know about the following five (5) intriguing facts about our island.
1. Glorious Grapefruit
Grapefruits are touted as being fat burning and high in Vitamin A and C, but did you know that they were first developed in Barbados? According to an old Barbadian legend, grapefruits were developed in the picturesque Welchman Hall Gully in the 18th century! Grapefruit is related to the Shaddock and Sweet Orange, which originated in Asia. There was a natural cross-pollination between Shaddock and orange. The result? “Forbidden Fruit